Design and Lifestyle

Jason Cahill, our man about town with an eye for the perfect aesthetic, brings together creativity and a vast knowledge of furniture, textiles, home accessories, and more to create a one man design team that decorates your home in style by taking your personality and tastes into consideration at all steps of the process.

Whether from ground up or just curating and consulting in parts of the home, Jason can aid you with choices, as well as, well thought out ideas and concepts for your new or upgraded living space.

We wouldn’t know the business if we weren’t collectors.  As a long time furniture collector, Jason has created quite a compilation of interesting pieces from late 1800s French to mid-century modern and more.  As he sees fits he decides to sell certain unique pieces to make room for new and interesting furniture to enjoy for a bit. The collection of the moment can always be viewed at Mantaren’s Concept Space at Sumavska 10 in Prague 2.

As he says, “Good furniture pieces are really only on loan, they must be passed on for the greater good of aesthetically educated young and ‘in the now’ eyes.”


Jason can be reached at