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Mission Statement

Mantaren properties has been active in the Real Estate Industry throughout Central Europe for over 8 years with extensive experience in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany and Croatia. Our expertise and backgrounds allow us to also manage and represent property activities in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Baltic states.

We provide a boutique customer service approach to selling, renting, listing, and managing both residential and commercial properties while providing our clients with many other related matters such as refurbishment and interior design, property and tenant management.

We offer an inclusive service that focuses on our client’s needs whether they be searching for a new home or a new office. We take these needs as an essential part of providing a quality and well-rounded long-term relationship with our clients.

Our field of property expertise derives from actively working in the industry at both a corporate and personal level and owning and managing our own property portfolios of over 2 Million Euros. We know from first hand experience the troubles that are all too prevalent when you haven’t got the correct people on the ground and are here to find solutions to your needs.

Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned property portfolio builder we will address your needs and manage your time and money as if it were our own.


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