Prague Residential Sales and Leasing

At Mantaren,  we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best customer service in the business.  We do this by getting to know our clients on a personal level and finding out what their particular needs are before showing them residential properties that don’t make sense for them and waste their precious time.  Time is of the essence on both sides of the coin in this sensitive side of the business.  Families and persons looking for new residences are looking at many factors such as school proximity, work proximity, and a host of other lifestyle amenities such as entertainment areas, restaurants, shopping, play grounds and parks.

Finding a new residence in a city that one is unfamiliar with can be daunting.  However,  we take time to investigate your needs and your budgets and then try to find a neighborhood and apartment that fills all of your requirements.  For instance, When clients are looking to move to Prague and have schooling needs we take them to schools in the areas of the apartments they like and set up tours for them to meet with the directors of the schools and to see the children in the classrooms.  This provides our clients with a deeper insight of what they can expect within their neighborhood for their children.

A property tour never ends without a full look into what each neighborhood offers so the clients can assess the best choice for themselves or for their families.  Clients are taken through neighborhoods and shown parks, restaurants, food stores and more.

We take every clients needs seriously and are constantly trying to find the best location for them to live a happy life or make a smart investment!

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