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Tabletop Design for Entertaining in Style?

The difference between good tabletop design and bad tabletop design is all within the story you are trying to tell.  The “story” is the mood and ambience that you would like to bring into your home for a specific evening of entertaining family or friends.  This of course, is done in many ways, bringing the design of the room into play with the type of music that is chosen for the event, providing the right type of cocktails to be served in relation to the design, as well as, having fun with Entertaining at Home!

Many people believe that they can’t afford to be creative with their specific party designs and that they have to use the same old things year in and year out.  Well, I’m here to tell you folks….nothing in this blog was purchased for any of the specific table designs that appear.  Everything has been reworked to become magical in it’s own right and restore the old as new!  The idea that one has to spend a fortune to be FABULOUS is just not the case.  Perhaps, they just need a bit of help with what they already have or maybe they just need to put a budget together to spice up what they already do have to decorate the home or table.  Hence, this is why we’re here,  we can provide you with consultation for your entertaining needs to help you make your events into seriously well thought out theme parties which fit into any budget.   Throughout this Season of Light we encourage you to be creative and will be bringing you ideas for the home and events within the home.  We will also be showcasing hand made items that are for sale and easily delivered to your home for convenience.

Today is a day of tabletop design example.  We will show photos of our latest design and give you tips and ideas of how you can bring these ideas into light in your own home.  We can also provide consultancy, purchasing, and implementation of any idea that you may have already and give you ideas on enhancing these ideas.

The tabletop design featured today was inspired by the designer’s love for birds and antique crystal.  Using elements already existing in the home such as the silverware, vase, and, glassware, as well as, the  teardrop pink antique chandelier adornments I took the chance to break out a bit here by taking a quick walk to the park choosing very large cut branches and making this lovely ensemble with a Collection of Christmas Birds!  At my table I always want people to be inspired by the atmosphere and shear amazingness of the centerpiece.  People always smile when they walk into the dining room as they know they are not going to only enjoy a scrumptious meal, but they are going to be presented with beauty and personality all at the same time.

The beauty behind the expression shown here is that it relates to the personality of the entertainer, it shows off what I personally love….colored glassware, birds, antiques, as well as unbelievably nice party favors and boxes to boot!

If you are looking for ideas for your upcoming Christmas or Holiday Party we’re here to help you! We can work on any budget and are happy to consult with you every step of the way to make sure your entertaining is full stop, the best in it’s class!

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you over the Holidays. 
Kindest Greetings!

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