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Concept Space

Our concept space is located on the corner of Šumavská and Lužická Streets at Šumavská 10 in the heart of Middlehrady, to coin a new phrase. Middlehrady is the area that we define as between Francouzská and Vinohradská Streets and above Namesti Miru to Jiriho z Podebrad and encompasses the fast pace of the city centre with the slower more residential feel of Vinohrady.  Shops and restaurants are flocking to Middlehrady as it becomes a destination point for people with savior faire!

The Concept Space is the brainchild of Karen Hartley and Jason Cahill who both believe that being real estate brokers and lifestyle consultants at the same time allows us the ability to not only introduce our clients to great properties for leasing or purchasing purposes, but also provide a full service package by introducing our clients to new designers, artists, and products available in the Prague marketplace.

We continue to change our space to meet the needs of the season, as well as, our personal moods and feelings.  We believe that well designed space must be furnished in an exquisite manner that takes into consideration personal style and interests.  This is evident in our ever-changing concept space and provides our visitors and clients access to one of a kind products and design objects in Prague.  Together with new art, antiquities, up to date art d’objets, and super modern sculptures, we provide interesting and well thought out pop up shops that merge our love for real estate with our love of the interiors of them.

The Concept Space houses art exhibitions, shopping experiences, and other creative events on a month to month basis.  Check our Facebook page for updates on upcoming events and parties not to be missed!


Contact Jason Cahill for more information on the Concept Space.



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