November 2013

What am I buying?

Buying in Prague at the moment is confusing to say the least. We are all used to the concept of buying off plan and /or  new build property but, these days there is a whole new property language to get used to. Look through any of the property magazines and it is never really clear what you are buying and what is included in the price, thus making it very difficult to compare apples with apples.In Prague...

Prague Real Estate Market: Some Questions Go Unanswered!

There seems to be an upswing lately in the Prague Real Estate Market! Residential Rental apartments in Prague are being eaten up by new coming expats, young Czechs with jobs in management, as well as, students seeking housing for their two to three year stints in Prague whilst studying their for their MBA.  Not only have we seen an increase in the take up in residential rental properties, but we are also...

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