Prague Real Estate Market: Some Questions Go Unanswered!

There seems to be an upswing lately in the Prague Real Estate Market!
Residential Rental apartments in Prague are being eaten up by new coming expats, young Czechs with jobs in management, as well as, students seeking housing for their two to three year stints in Prague whilst studying their for their MBA.  Not only have we seen an increase in the take up in residential rental properties, but we are also noticing a serious interest group beginning to make decisions about where they would like to live in Prague and actually starting to purchase properties again!  The major interest we see in the purchasing market is that of individuals and families alike purchasing in the levels of between 15million CZK and 35 million CZk!    Again, All great news!
What we still aren’t seeing too much of is uptake in the sales sector of properties between the 5 millionCZK- 10millionCZK market!  This is a problem that I haven’t yet figured out.  The banks seem to be open to lending more and at better rates,  the job market seems to be doing well enough, but the people within this bracket of income have still not become buyers again!  Perhaps, if the banks actually worked to market these potential buyers a bit more, the market in this sector would pick up a bit!
My questions today are:
Are people in the middle class bracket being forced to provide more equity within the framework of loan agreements?
Do the banks really want to lend money or are they just providing this impression to the general public?
Will 2014 bring back the rise of the Czech Middle Class or will it remain stagnant?
All comments are welcome.

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