What am I buying?

Buying in Prague at the moment is confusing to say the least. We are all used to the concept of buying off plan and /or  new build property but, these days there is a whole new property language to get used to. Look through any of the property magazines and it is never really clear what you are buying and what is included in the price, thus making it very difficult to compare apples with apples.In Prague 1 and 2 particularly, a new breed of Developers abound and apartments are being sold ‘as is’ which may mean they  were refurbished 5 years ago or not in the last 50 years  yet the common areas of the property have been totally refurbished. Is there even a word in Czech that describes this half and half option?  Then there are apartments that are being sold shell and core  which means many things to many people. In some places shell and core means that the apartment is just a building site and others have almost everything done except the bathrooms and the plaster on the walls.

With all these options available the only way to make sure your expectations are being met and that you are not wasting your time is by having a proper relationship with your agent . It’s your agent’s job to figure out what you want and find you a match .
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