Cartier at Prague Castle


July 9th to October 17th
The Prague Castle Riding School

Without a doubt I can say that the Cartier at Prague Castle exhibit is by far the best exhibit I’ve ever attended thus far in my now 7 years of living in this great City.  I don’t know if you can attribute it only to the objects on display, but the exhibit must also be noted for its excellence in curation.  I went to Cartier at  Prague Castle for many reasons like finding out more about what the brand’s values were built on in the early years? How did the brand position itself so clearly with the right market?  Another question I asked myself, do they do more than just panthers and tank watches? 

 I must start off with entry into The Prague Castle Riding School where the exhibit is being held.  It was brilliantly reconstructed and renovated to meet not only modern standards, but also to meet the aesthetic of its original architectural glory.  Some basic facts:  Admission is 375 Czech Crowns, roughly 15 Euro, and tickets can be purchased at ticketpro outlets around the city or at the door.  However, entry times are scheduled so you have to buy your tickets at a 15 minute interval, which is quite handy in preventing long lines.  We visited around High Noon and their were maybe 50 or 60 people meandering through the exhibit, a small number for a large room allowing you to view the collection with pleasure.  Black Lacquered based glass vitrine’s house the collection but only in small numbers and in sets that make sense in relation to design, mechanics, style, etcetera.  Very well done Eva Eisler, curator of the exhibition and Rony Piesl, the exhibition designer.

     We opted for the audio tour which I always tend to do; you just get more out of the experience of visiting a museum or exhibition this way. It keeps you focused.  It was not before the end of the first vitrine row that I began to take notes on this amazing collection.  I was so fascinated by almost every piece that I saw I became very selective and was also entranced by the conception of thought that made the piece of jewelry or handbag in front of me not just a functional object, but a work of pure genius.

     So, the answer to all of my questions above is:  Cartier has good product. They take pride in what they do.  Their clients respect them for that and are ready to pay for the precious stones in addition to the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

@shopintheknow‘s edited favorites of the Cartier at Prague Castle Collection are the following:

Cartier Paris, special order, 1969
Engraved gold, 1,028 brilliant cut
diamonds weighing 33.73 carats in total, 
two pear-shaped emeralds (eyes)

This is a truly serious piece of jewelry and it’s a bangle!
Love Bangles!


Cartier Paris, special order, 1968 for Maria Felix
2,473 brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds
weighing 178.21 carats in total, two pear-shaped emeralds as eyes, green red, and black enamel

María Félix had damn good taste. Visit the exhibition to learn more about her eccentric Cartier habits.

Cartier Paris, 1935
White gold, yellow gold, tortoiseshell(bar), canvas
27 x 19cm
Well, just because its about the most elegant handbag I’ve ever seen.

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