I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas!

In the world of tabletop design, it’s always good to experiment and find new ways of showcasing both old and new decor from the home and one’s own Holiday Decoration Collection, after all, these collections are filled with memories of past Holiday’s and the Good Times we’ve had with family and friends at this festive time of year!

I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas!

One of my three favorite colors is pink. When used correctly it invokes a feeling of confidence, control, and at the same time, a calming emotion.
Here I’ve taken a large, very pink vase, sprigs of glitter, bobble sprigs, christmas birds in chartreuse, pink, and royal turquoise creating a “floral” arrangement that will last the season through all the way until Christmas Dinner is served.  I used green boughs of an artificial christmas tree and created synergies throughout with complimentary color usage,  natural, and unnatural objects to create a Seasonal Centerpiece that sparks the idea that Magic is in the Air!

Glass Vase by F+F Home, Glassware by Artel Glass, Harlequin Ornaments by Almi Decor. Design by j. thomas cahill


A token Christmas Bird Ornament adorns each individual place setting.


A Pheasant rests near a pine cone and a Peacock Feather.

The table is set. Now let’s ENTERTAIN!!!!!
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