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When buying Property in Prague it is very important to know the areas in which you are looking for property and even more so, what are you actually looking for in a neighborhood? Will the neighborhood meet your needs? Your children’s needs? Your pet’s needs?
As in any city, Prague has a diverse selection of neighborhoods and all have their positives and negatives. At www.prague-properties.com we rank a few as the best investments and here is why:
Prague 1: Staromestska(Old Town) or Mala Strana(Lesser Town)
Prague 1 is filled with restaurants and entertainment venue’s such as theaters, cinemas, and parks. People who live in this neighborhood are accustomed to living in the heart of the city and enjoy all aspects of urban life. Due to its central location, Prague 1 is filled with tourists all year round. It is possible to finding housing here away from the beat of the tourism paths, but they really are never far away and this should definitely be a consideration when buying property in Prague.
Prague 2: Vinohrady and Nove Mesto
Prague 2 encompasses different types of living as it stretches from the riverbank in the neighborhood Nove Mesto to Riegrovy Sady and Havlickovy Sady which are part of Vinohrady. Without a doubt, Vinohrady has always been a favorite of Czechs and foreigners alike due to the beautiful Parks and the wonderful cobblestone streets that are evident in this gem of a location built in the late 1800s to early 1900s. In the recent past, Vinohrady has become one of the top neighborhood’s to buy property as it offers a city lifestyle while being located outside the direct centre of the city. Vinohrady is definitely a place where people reside and relax while allowing its residents with close proximity to Prague 1 by foot within 15 minutes and by Public Transportation within less than 10 minutes. Nove Mesto is also a great location. It is located just next to Prague 1 along the riverbank and offers properties for sale in buildings constructed around the same time as Vinohrady.
Prague 6: Dejvice, Ořechovka, Nebusice, Mala Sarka
Prague 6 is quite a diverse district offering many different types of living standards.
Dejvice is well located and caters to city dwellers seeking access to public transportation, restaurants, cafes.
Ořechovka houses many historical villas in a neighborhood with many trees and gardens while also being conveniently located to the city centre.
Nebusice and Mala Sarka are very popular among expatriates and Czechs who send their children to the International School of Prague. Although these neighborhoods are in Prague 6 they are located further from the city centre and provide almost suburb like accommodations.
It is without a doubt that one looking to buy property in prague should be educated and understand the neighborhoods in which they are viewing property. As always, it is one of the most important decisions when buying, Location! Location! Location!
At www.prague-properties.com we are here for you and are able to help you find the location that works for you and your family when buying or renting a home!

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