“Why is my apartment not selling?”

“Why is my apartment not selling?”  is a question that we are presented with on a daily basis?  The problem is that the question is very individualistic.  There are many reasons a property may not be selling as fast as you would like and they may include issues such as price, orientation, light, and many more.  Having assessed many individuals personal property listings it is evident that the two most common reasons why a property isn’t selling are 1. Your Agent’s Attitude and Presentational Skills and 2. Presentation of the property itself.
Your Agent’s Attitude and Presentational Skills is the most important issue to consider when choosing representation.  The Agent is actually representing YOU, the owner.  They should have energy and passion for what they do and for your property!  In the current economic climate of 2011 buyers are have returned to the Central European Market with all sorts of property needs.  The main problem is that the agents in and around Central Europe tend to be less concerned with a buyer’s actual needs and normally only focus on price and the size of an apartment.  We all know that there  is so much more to be considered when buying a new residence or investment.  An agent should begin by qualifying their clients in order to assess what their actual needs are and how they can be met.  Agents should be knowledgeable of the marketplace and especially of the properties they are listing in order to provide their clients with professional service that not only guides them through the process, but also educates them along the way.  By providing clients with correct information and options that meet their needs the agent is allowing the client ample opportunity to make an intelligent decision about their upcoming purchase.  At Mantaren Properties we focus on our clients needs and provide a full service that includes thinking outside of the box to offer clients options that they may have not even considered prior to entering into a relationship with us.  We value our client’s time and assess their needs and budget constraints while determining what is the best property for them and will allow them to be proud of their new home!
Presentation of the property itself is another great concern you should have as a Seller!  Whether you live in the property or have vacated it for sale you should assess how your property is seen from the eyes of a prospective buyer.  This can sometimes be difficult as we all are prone to having good perceptions about our own homes.  However, just like with people, First Impressions either make or break a deal.  If you are living in the property there are many factors that should be addressed before a potential buyer views the space.  Some of these are simple things as keeping the place tidy, clean, and organized.  If the property is vacated there are many more issues that need to be addressed to insure that it is presentable to potential buyers in the best possible way.  Finding ways to accentuate the positives and avoid the negatives in the presentation of an empty property can be difficult, but is definitely possible.  A few quick ideas of presentational decorating could be painting accent walls, adding some plants and garden furniture on an empty terrace, or even changing all of the toilet seats in the bathrooms.  At Mantaren Properties we are here to guide you in and preparing your property for sale.
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