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Setting Ourselves Apart from Our Competitors

On a daily basis I am told from clients that our service is exceptional and surpasses all other Real Estate Agencies in the Prague, Czech Republic marketplace.   What a wonderful compliment to receive, but I have to find myself asking the question and sometimes do,  “So, what do we do differently that other agencies  don’t do?”  At a breakfast meeting this morning amongst four repeat clients who are always referring people to us for services ranging from leasing to sales to development consulting, and more,  I specifically asked the above question.  I was surprised at most of the answers I received!

   One of the women at the breakfast table told me that she believed in our company so much and spoke highly about us all the time.  I get that we are nice people and that we try to provide the best service out there to all people, but her comment stuck in my mind when she elaborated, “Mantaren Properties answers the phone when it rings, they answer emails in a timely manner, and are constantly looking out for the best interest of the client!  When I first came to Prague, I didn’t know where to begin,  after speaking with you, I understood the differences in neighborhoods, where I should be careful as a single woman living alone,  what I should watch out for in the rental market and even more so was given the opportunity to meet new people through you that are still my friends and local

support group.”  Wow!  I thought to myself, don’t all other real estate agents do this….isn’t this in fact how business is done?  I was quickly reminded by a gentleman at the table who has rented not only an office through Mantaren Properties, but also bought his home through us, that before he found us he had actually gon
ove question and was surprised to hear what actually does differentiate Mantaren Properties from the other Real Estate Agents in Prague.
I truly cannot emphasize how positive I came away from this breakfast meeting.  I realized so much about me through 14 other agencies.  His explanation was a bit different then the woman at the table.  He informed me that he was interested in finding the most experienced agents in Prague Real Estate and that he knew after one phone call with my Co-Partner, Karen Hartley, that he was talking to the right people.  He continued with,  “Karen gave me insights into buying a residence that normally I would not have thought about.  She gave me new reasons to buy and also guided me to make the right choices for me as not only someone looking for a home, but someone who would eventually be selling that residence in 10 years time and needed to look at it as an investment as well!”

yself and about the company in which we are building.  We believe in people and building relationships with those people.  For us, building relationships doesn’t mean just picking up the phone and saying something like, “sure, i can show property x to you tomorrow at 11.”  It means that we are there for you throughout the process trying to eliminate obstacles along your way and advise you in the best way we know how,  with our KNOWLEDGE OF Prague Real Estate and Real Estate in general.  Sometimes, we don’t make a sale or find that perfect apartment to lease, but a

long the way we make friends who refer us to more and more people everyday.  We will continue to provide an all encompassing service that exceeds the needs of our clients.  After all,  we didn’t get where we are today by leasing or selling our clients things they didn’t want, WE got here because we treat clients as they should be treated with respect, timely responses, practical advice, and professionalism.

If you are looking for more than just a Prague Real Estate Agent, but someone that knows the market locally and globally and WANTS to be of SERVICE to YOU then don’t hesitate to call us.  We are here to help you!


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